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How To Become A Police Officer

This course exposes you to the path needed in preparation to become a police officer. From the initial thought of becoming a law enforcement officer, to the day you raise your right hand at the swearing in ceremony the first day on the job. Your journey begins with this course.

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Zero to Three

This course examines and supports personal and professional issues the population of minority working men zero to three years after college graduation. This course presents tools needed to understand what one needs to position themselves for growth, promotion and leadership for the next three to five years.

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Self-Leadership Summit: Inform and Inspire

This course, we believe it is unlike anything related in education - and the thing is it was built out of a sense of frustration. This summit is a group of like-minded individuals whom will have access to business experts, industry experts, speakers and peers to support you in personal development and professional development.


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Talented Strategies® LLC

“Leveraging the Power of People.”
Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr. seeks to empower the individual through the pooling of resources to obtain the economic, professional, and social status necessary to affect change in the areas of educational, financial, mental and physical health for oneself, one’s family, and ultimately one’s community.

Think. Grow. Lead.

Self-development means taking the time to figure out what best serves you, so you can serve others. Commitment is key to learning and growing.

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